Money, Money Money! You have to love it, when you have it.

Joshua Lott / Getty Images
Joshua Lott / Getty Images

The Powerball jackpot is now over a HALF-A-BILLION dollars! What can you do with kind of money, as they say on the radio commercial?

Check your tickets as there are as many as 9 ways to win cash. Just because there was not a jackpot winner, doesn't mean you didn't win a little chump change. The numbers from Wednesday's drawing were 09 15 43 60 64 PB 04.

The next drawing is Saturday night at 9:59 p.m. I have a buddy that works at a store and he told me local ticket sales are solid, burning hot! That's exactly what he said!

Let's just say, YOU, yes YOU win the big jackpot! Besides making me your new best friend, you could take home the estimated  winnings at $510 million dollars in a series of payments or take the cash pay-out option of of $324.2 million. Either way, I still want to be your best friend if you win!

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