Many people always dream of winning the Lottery or Mega Million but have you ever thought of playing the North Dakota 2By2? Right now, they have a chance of winning $500 instantly just by playing. Wouldn't that be awesome to not only get a chance at winning all the money but to walk out with $500? The promotion runs from February 7 through March 6, 2021. You still have a few days left to hopefully go in and buy a $7 2By2 ticket and become a $500 instant winner.

Even if you don't win the big money $500 is still a big prize and it would be nice to win that kind of money. Many people are excited about the 2By2 instant winners and I hope a few more people win before it's all over with. According to a Facebook post from the North Dakota Lottery they have had nine instant winners so far. One in Beulah, one in Jamestown, Fargo (x2) Grand Forks, (x2) Minot (x2) for Mandan. Do you play the 2By2 game?

I think this is a great promotion that they do and I hope that there is a few more winners in the next few days before the promotion is over later on this week March 6, 2020. I know a few people that play the 2by2 and so far, they haven't won it but they all told me they have been playing it a little bit more because of their chances at winning $500. I hope that someone in Bismarck wins it because on Saturday it's all over with.


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