Just as the North Dakota Lottery is about to kick off another cash game, a recent publication indicated ND has the smallest return on your dollar, according to MSNBC.


The new game is Lotto America, with a starting jackpot of $2 million and grows until someone wins. The object is to choose 5 numbers (1-52) and one star ball (1-10). Sounds familiar? Ticket sales begin November 12th and the first drawing is November 15th.

Just as ticket sales in North Dakota are at a slump, I don't see Lotto America giving the lottery a well needed pulse in ND.

According to MSNBC, North Dakota has the lowest return on the dollar spent in the state. ND ranks last with about a 60 cents return on the dollar spent on the lotto. Compare that to New Jersey that has about an 80 cents return on the dollar. (Keep in mind the population of NJ). The other states with a good return on the dollar is Arkansas, Minnesota and South Carolina, all with near a 70 cents return on your dollar.

For complete details on the new lotto game, click here.

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