We all know that deer are one of the most dangerous animals in the state of North Dakota.  

In fact, on the list of the 5 animals that could kill you in North Dakota, deer are near the top with car crashes.  You can read more about that here.

There's another large animal that has been spotted by the Bismarck Airport recently that could also be potentially dangerous.  Not only for your vehicle but for yourself as well.

There's been a Pronghorn Antelope hanging out along Yegen Road for the last couple of weeks.

According to social media reports, the animal has been spotted along University near United Tribes and all along Yegen Road that runs along the Bismarck Airport.  Several of the reports have mentioned they thought the animal might be injured because it's often seen laying down.

I take Yegen Road every day to and from work and I finally spotted the animal this morning.  The antelope was feeding next to the fence on the south side of the airport.  It then decided to run right out in front of a woman driving in front of me.  She missed it by a hair, and I mean a hair.  It did not appear to be injured from what I saw.

Antelope are not particularly smart animals.  They will often run or even walk right in front of a vehicle.

PLEASE be aware of this animal if you drive University or Yegen near the Bismarck Airport.  Not only for the safety of the animal but your safety as well.

Here's a grainy shot of the Pronghorn I took this morning after it crossed Yegan.  They're beautiful animals for sure.

Rick Rider
Rick Rider

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