The Bismarck Tribune is reporting that one business is looking to raise the noise ordinance downtown an unspecified amount.

Russ Kadlec, the owner of Lucky Duck's Deli, is circulating the petition to raise the ordinance. Lucky Duck's is planning an expansion of their outdoor seating for the summer which would allow for them to provide live music.

Kadlec is passing the petition around to other downtown businesses in order to line up support for raising the noise ordinance.

The Tribune spoke with Bismarck City Commissioner Mike Seminary who said he can’t speak for the full commission but he is open to hearing about the issue and will reserve judgment until he gets more information.

"When I travel, downtowns have more life in them than ever before,” he said. “Any time you introduce something that wasn’t there before, it’s going to be noticed."

What do you think? Should the noise ordinance be changed in Downtown Bismarck?

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