Northland Travel Passport Questions:
1. Why does a person need a passport?
Passports required for ANY/ALL international flight – including in/out of Canada, Mexico, and Caribbean

2. When should they plan on getting one?
As soon as possible…having a passport in hand well before departure assures stress free packing and traveling. Airlines will not/cannot board an international passenger without a valid passport in hand. Unfortunately, no refunds are given in such a case.

3. How long does it take?
Typically 6 weeks – sometimes it’s less, but can/could take longer due to Government delays, incorrect information submitted, etc.

4. How do you get a Passport?
Fill out passport application (Pick up at Northland Travel), get 2 passport photos (at CVS, UPS Stores, Bob’s Photo), and CERTIFIED copy of Birth certificate (That can be a process if you born out of state. You will need to request one thru another state via mail and this can take time.
Submit those 3 items in person with photo ID at any clerk of county court, or passport office (Bismarck’s downtown post office but you will have to make an appointment)
Total cost with approximately $150 that includes fee, photos, and certified birth certificate copy and passport. The cost of the passport alone is approximately $110.
Adult passports are valid 10 years.Children’s passports under 16 valid only 5 years.

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