Like there isn't enough parents are having to deal with right now.  Bored kids stuck at home are probably towards the top of the list.  Now there is another internet danger that you need to worry about.  If you remember the "Cinnamon Challenge" on social media, this is way worse.

Let's just say that I am NOT a fan of internet "Challenges", positive or negative.  I absolutely hate the heard mentality.  Add stupidity to tat and it becomes a recipe (pun intended) for disaster.  Here's today's SOMETHING YOU NEED TO KNOW!

Nutmeg Challenge Making Quarantining Kids Sick: The Sun says health officials are warning quarantining teens and tweens not to take part in the new Tik Tok Nutmeg Challenge. Teens are videotaping themselves ingesting a teaspoon of the cooking spice. It can cause stomach pain, vomiting, a racing heart, confusion, drowsiness, agitation and hallucinations.

One unidentified teenager took the challenge before posting,  "I can't move my head. It's like superglued to the wall; I'm so confused, oh my God."

The New South Wales Poison Center says, "The 'challenge' has reappeared on social media and the Poison Center has seen a sudden influx of calls. Most of these calls have been regarding teenagers who have been a bit bored at home and looking for something to do. But we have also had calls regarding children as young as eight years. Store your nutmeg safely and be aware that children may try to access it.''

Parents, like you need something else to worry about.  Teach your kids not to be part of the heard, and in this case stupid...SOMETHING YOU NEED TO KNOW!

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