It's something we were all taught how to do back in kindergarten.

Heck, I think it was taught back in preschool, yet adults still seem to struggle with it daily.  At least in my daily observance in and around Bismarck Mandan.

People seem to struggle with forming a line.

I don't care if you're in line at the convenience store, a bank, a concert, a sporting event, or anyplace else where people gather.

Case in point.  I was at a Walmart in Bismarck on Sunday in the automotive department waiting in line behind one customer at the service till.  It wasn't long and 7, or 8 other people showed up.  There was only one person working the till, yet nobody formed a single line behind me.  Instead, they proceeded to spread out like we were in some sort of prevent defense in a Vikings football game.

So, when it came time for the poor lady working the till to say, "I can help who's next?", at least 3 people moved forward.  That's when I said rather sternly, "I was next!"  This awkward moment could've been avoided if the previous people just would've observed the situation and formed a line behind me, to begin with.

I've had the same thing happen to me several times at the Cenex in Lincoln, where the doors to the store are right next to the tills.  Your 4 people deep in line, and some yahoo walks in from outside and jumps to an open till before the rest of the line can move up.  Again, what did you learn back when you were a little tyke back in grade school?

Observe, pay attention and PLEASE form a line.

Don't act clueless like you have no idea what to do.  Do the right thing and DON'T be a line jumper.


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