When you have a 100% acceptance rate, it's pretty easy to get accepted in college. A new report published last week listed the 25 easiest colleges to get accepted to attend. One of those colleges is much closer than you think.

The Street published a report of the easiest colleges to get accepted. With the stress of essays, reports and tests that high school students are currently going through, it's important for students to receive the best education possible at a tuition price their family can afford. We've all heard the horror stories of student debt. Tuition plays a huge roll in every students choice of higher education.

Christopher Furlong / Getty Images
Christopher Furlong / Getty Images

It's important to stress, just because a school has a 100% acceptance rate does not mean the quality of education is any less than an Ivory school education. The Street used several guidelines to make this list.

We decided to take a look at which colleges in the United States are the easiest to get into. US World and News Report, a leading provider of service news and information, identified which colleges in the United States have the highest acceptance rates, based on data from the fall 2014 entering class.

These colleges in the Midwest region have a 100% acceptance rate include

  • Montana State University,(MSU Billings) Billings, MT
  • Wayne State College, Wayne, NE
  • Montana State University, Havre, MT
  • Metro State University, St. Paul, MN
  • Bismarck State College, Bismarck, ND

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