Have you heard the new song from Tigirlily "Somebody Does?"  The North Dakota sisters from Hazen, North Dakota have the number song in the country on iTunes on the all genres chart!  What an accomplishment!  Here's their post on Twitter concerning the good news.

I could not be happier for the sisters known as Kendra and Krista in these parts. I still remember seeing them in concert in East Grand Forks, Minnesota in 2017 right before they decided to pack up everything they had, take a leap of faith and move to Nashville, Tennessee to chase their dreams.

Kendra and Krista are two of the hardest working acts in the music business. They've toured North Dakota extensively since they were 16 and 14, and are very proud of their North Dakota heritage. The first line on their "About" page on their website proudly talks about their North Dakota roots.

Oh, by the way they're so good live. Pretty good chance if you've lived in North Dakota for awhile you've seen Tigirlily somewhere in North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota or Montana. I will have the ladies of Tigirlily live on my show sometime tomorrow after 3 pm on US 103-3! Can't wait to talk to them about their number one song on iTunes and catch up! Be sure to listen! Just in case you haven't heard their new song yet "Somebody Does" here it is and be sure to listen for it on US 103-3!



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