North Dakota native country music duo Tigirlily will play a virtual concert via Facebook Live to benefit the Great Plains Food Bank on this Thursday, April 23rd, at 7pm.
According to a press release from the Great Plains Food Bank this is the latest in a series of virtual concerts to benefit the Great Plains Food Bank during the COVID-19 pandemic, the event will be available on the Facebook pages for both Tigirlily (@Tigirlily) and the Great Plains Food Bank (@greatplainsfoodbank).

The sister-duo originally from Hazen, N.D., will also take requests and interact with the audience through comments on Facebook Live.  This concert will benefit directly those who are struggling with food during this coronavirus pandemic.

I hope to also have Tigirily on my show (Rick Rider) on Thursday afternoon before the virtual concert.  You can listen to me 3pm-7pm weekdays on US 103-3, and on our free app.  I might even be able to get them to sing a song for us and give you a preview on the radio.


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