Yep, we like to blow stuff up.  The people of North Dakota are in the top 10 in the USA of firework spending per capita.  This is according to an article from zippia.  Just wait until next year when the city of Bismarck will allow fireworks to be shot off in the city.  Then, you better really look out.  Bismarck Mayor Steve Bakken has been on the record saying,  "that he hopes the city will adopt an ordinance similar to Mandan & Lincoln where you can legally possess and shoot off fireworks in the city limits."

In case you're wondering, South Dakota came in at #15 in the article and Minnesota, who has strict fireworks restrictions came in at #46.  So what's the rest of the top 10 look like?  At #10 was Ohio, followed by Indiana at #9, North Dakota at #8, #7 Nevada, #6 Wyoming, #5 South Carolina, #4 Alabama, #3 Kansas, #2 Nebraska and #1..."The Show Me State"...Missouri.

I myself LOVE fireworks and our annual "fireworks show" at our lake place is something I look forward to every year.  Now, our little family show is very modest.  We usually cap it off at about a $100 bucks or so.  However, not our rich neighbors.  They easily drop 5 grand off their docks.  No kidding, 5 thousand dollars up in smoke.  And these shows would rival anything you would see in big cities like in Fargo, Grand Forks or Bismarck.  It literally sounds like world war 3 from about 10pm until midnight each fourth of July.  Its a type of celebration where you wake up the following morning, and you double check to make sure you still have all of your fingers

So keep it safe and have a wonderful fourth of July and don't forget to blow some stuff up..

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