Get your video camera ready, July 2nd (tomorrow) is World UFO day!  Now, before you say here's another "quack" UFO story, you should know if you DON'T believe, you are NOT in the majority.  57% of American's believe there is intelligent life elsewhere in the galaxy according to an article in One Zero.  In the same article, nearly half of all people believe Aliens exist and have visited earth.

North Dakotan's have a good shot at witnessing a UFO according to an article in Satellite Internet.  More on that in a minute.  I personally have witnessed three UFO's on three separate occasions.  At the risk of sounding like a "crazy", I will share these with you now.  The first one, I was barbecuing on the deck at a lake cabin on Lake of the Woods in the Northwest Angle of Minnesota.  It was twilight at the time, and all of a sudden I looked at the treeline above the lake and saw a yellow/white disc shape hovering.  I looked over at my friend and his jaw dropped, as did mine.  Shortly there after it took a 45 degree angle and zipped out of sight.  My second encounter was while I was duck hunting south of Aneta, North Dakota.  The sun was just starting to rise, and I was in a wheat field looking for birds.  My friend Jamie was late for the party, so I was by myself at the time.  As I laid down in my field blind looking for birds, this very similar yellow/white disc shape object all of sudden appeared to the south of my decoys.  I watched it for a few short seconds and before I could get my flip phone out and take a picture, it once again zipped out of sight in a 45 degree angle.  My 3rd look at a possible UFO happened in broad daylight.  This time while driving to Warren, Minnesota.  Something caught my eye over a shelter belt and once again, a yellow/white disc hovering above the trees.  Again, I reached for my phone to snap a picture and before I could, it again took that familiar 45 degree angle move and rocketed out of sight.  Three encounters, all different, but similar.

So far in 2020 UFO sightings across the country have been at all time records.  Even the pentagon released a UFO video earlier this year.  Here's that video.

As I mentioned earlier, North Dakota is a good place to witness a UFO.  According to the article in Satellite Internet  we are the 12th most likely state to see a UFO.  Montana is second and Idaho comes in at #1.  This is based on sightings per 100,000  people.  What's interesting, nearly all of the top states are in the northern part of the country.

Am I saying I believe in little green men and everything I see on the tv show Ancient Aliens?  No, but I did see something on 3 different occasions that I couldn't identify.  My last encounter was over 10 years ago.  I would say I'm due again, maybe it will happen tomorrow on National UFO day?  Have a great 4th of July and keep your eyes on the sky.  You might see more than fireworks.


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