I just noticed a new update on my iPhone over the last couple of weeks.

I just upgraded to the iPhone 14 Max a few months ago.  Since then,  I have been using the airdrop feature to transfer my photos from my much older previous iPhone.  It's been a lengthy process.

Yes, that's how old my previous phone was, the representative from my phone carrier said she was unable to transfer my photos because of outdated technology.  I'm not sure I believe her, but that's what she told me.

To keep your kids safe, you should change the setting on this new iOS 17 update.

There's a new feature inside of AirDrop called "Bringing Devices Together".

Rick Rider
Rick Rider

When you updated your iPhone to iOS 17 it automatically left the "Bringing Devices Together" to ON.

This could be dangerous for your kids or even adults because it makes it pretty easy for strangers to hold their iPhones close to yours and steal important or private information. Information like contacts, photos, or your phone number.

This feature could be handy for adults who want to voluntarily share their information with each other.

It's also a feature criminals can use against you and especially your children.

To disable the "Bringing Devices Together" feature on your iPhone do the following.

Go to Settings.  Tap on General. Then tap on AirDrop.  Go down to Bringing Devices Together and slide to the left.  That's it.  A smart move to keep your family safe and only use it if you totally trust the person.

Rick Rider
Rick Rider


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