Wide open spaces.  Somebody cue the Dixie Chicks.  Oh, wait a minute.  I mean the Chicks.

Perfect song to write or read this article to.  North Dakota does have a lot of wide open spaces, especially here in central and western North Dakota.

Even Burleigh County has a lot of wide open spaces.  Yes, Bismarck and Lincoln have good populations of people but for the size of the county, we have very few cities.  In fact, we only 9 cities or towns in the entire county.  Bismarck, Lincoln, Moffit, Menoken, McKenzie, Driscoll, Reagan, Wilton (only half of the city is in Burleigh and the other half is in McLean), and Wing.  If you count the Ghost Town Arena, I guess that makes 10.

However, there's one county in North Dakota that is the true definition of "Wide Open Spaces."

It's even one of the least populated counties in the whole country.

According to Wikipedia, this county has a population of only 706 people. (2020 Cenus Population)  It also only has TWO towns in the entire county.

The most isolated county in the state is "Slope" county in southwest North Dakota. 

Google Maps Screenshot
Google Maps Screenshot

How isolated?  It's the 20th least populated county in the entire United States of America.  The two cities are Amidon, which is the county seat, and Marmath.

Slope County is also home to the highest natural point in North Dakota.

Rick Rider
Rick Rider

White Butte has an elevation of 3506 feet in the southeast corner of Slope County.  Yep, wide open spaces are plentiful in this county.  I know I've spent a fair amount of time in this area pheasant hunting over the years.  I love the wide open spaces.  I'm not sure I could live there full time but I get the attraction.

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