How long is your workday? I'll share a personal story with you.

This week, I thought I had an unusually light day at the office, I made plans to be home early, I took steaks out to fire up the grill and enjoy some quality time. This dream was not to be as I ended up working a normal day and got home way too late to fire the grill. It was another 10+ hour day!

This got me thinking, what state has workers who put in the most hours on a weekly basis? I know from my time in North Dakota, we are a very hard working state!  I knew if I research the topic, I could find the answer. And I Did!

Congratulations North Dakota, you are one of the hardest working states in the country according to

As a matter of fact, North Dakota ranks #2, behind Alaska. The male workforce in Alaska clocks in 45.6 hours a week and women work an average of
37.5 hours a week. The workforce in Alaska mainly works in the oil and natural gas industry and in the fish industry.

In North Dakota, the workforce clocks in about 40.6 hours a week. This is not a surprise to the small workforce in the state. We have the oil and mining industry which attracts mostly a male workforce. Speaking of males, the gap between the hour's men and women work is the largest in the country at 8.3 hours.

We spoke to a local business owner in Mandan who wanted to remain anonymous and what she said it is not a surprise to North Dakotan's long work hours. She said

the work ethic in the Midwest is better than most of the country. North Dakota has always been a hard working state  and being able to get the job done without outside help. There is still an issue with millinans, who have a sense of entitlement.

Other hardworking states include Texas, Louisiana, and Wyoming. I guess it's something we can be proud of!

You can see the entire list here.



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