Just about everybody who has spent some time in North Dakota or has lived here knows about Interstate 94 and Interstate 29.

I-94 cuts across the state from the Montana border through Dickinson, Bismarck, Jamestown, and finally Fargo.  From there it takes a southeast direction through Minnesota and eventually into Minneapolis-St. Paul, and then heads east across Wisconsin.

I-29 starts at the Canadian border and runs straight south through Grand Forks, Fargo, Wahpeton, and continues through eastern South Dakota and beyond.

Oh, did you know those interstates that end with an odd number go North and South, and interstates that end with an even number (you guessed it) move east and west?  A little trivia nugget for you.

We only have two interstate highways in North Dakota correct?

That's what I thought living in North Dakota just about all my life.  I-29 and I-94. NOPE!

I was surprised when a co-worker pointed out to me shortly after I moved to Bismarck 5 years ago, that we have a 3rd interstate highway in the state.  I was like, "Say what?"  Yep, Interstate 194.  So unknown, there's not even a sign erected for it.  It is only three and a half miles long.

I-194 shows up on the navigation on my truck.  Mic drop.  Mind blown.

Rick Rider
Rick Rider

According to Interstate-Guide.com, I-194 I appeared as a full Interstate on the 1982 North Dakota Official Highway Map. It was omitted by the 2002 edition but reappeared by 2007 as a business route. The 2015-16 map again showed I-194 with a tricolor shield but with non-Interstate line work.  Kind of confusing I know, but I urge you to check your navigation on your vehicle and see if it shows up like on mine.

I-194 runs from the bridge that goes over Memorial Highway in Mandan until reaches I-94 in Mandan.

Now, North Dakota is reportedly getting a 4th interstate highway.  Introducing I-27!

I-27 will run through western North Dakota, which is currently Highway 85, otherwise known as the Theodore Roosevelt Expressway.  Cities that are located along this route include Bowman, Amidon, Belfield, Watford City, and over to Williston.


No timetable has been established for the construction of this project but Congress did earmark the funds back in 2022.

This will certainly help out the oil industry, farmers, and ranchers, and hopefully make this stretch of highway safer with 4 lanes for the entire stretch.

I-27 is already in Texas and will work its way up to North Dakota eventually.

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