We've had some unreal smoky conditions over North Dakota the last couple of weeks. Like I've never seen in my lifetime.  Officials are warning us to limit our time outside because of unhealthy air.  Even some outside events have been cancelled across North Dakota because of diminished air quality.  Proving once again, every thing is weird and nothing is normal anymore.

I joked over the weekend, it reminds me of going to the bars in the 90s'.  Even though I've never been a smoker, I basically smoked a couple of packs a day when I used to go out back in the day.

So, what exactly is all this smoke doing to our bodies when we do go outside?  According to an article on the United States Environmental Protection Agency website, more than you probably realized.  The smoke that we are breathing in contains very, very small particles, that end up deep inside your lungs.  These microscopic particles can stir up a host of problems for you including, burning eyes, runny nose, to aggravated chronic heart and lung diseases.   Wildfire smoke and polluted particles in the air may even lead to a premature death.

Those most at risk to these conditions include:  A person who has chronic lung or heart disease, pregnant women, young kids and teenagers (because their lungs are not fully developed yet), older adults or anybody who may have diabetes.

As the smoke gets worse, pay attention to local air quality reports to keep you and your family safe.  You can also get up to the minute reports from AirNow.



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