You are walking your best friend down one of our many scenic trails in Bismarck Mandan and a stranger approaches you.  He asks if he can take a picture of your pretty pooch.  You say, "Sure."  I mean, why not?  After all it totally harmless.

Not necessarily, he or she could be collecting information from you.  There's a pretty good chance your name, phone number, or even address might be on your dog's collar.  He or she could use that information to easily find out where you live.  Then God forbid, that stranger could be waiting for you at your house next time you let your pup out.  That's when things could really go bad or a tragic situation could occur.

According to the Daily Mail, a TikTok user had this exact scenario happen to her.  Apparently, it's been happening around the country.  Here's how she handled it.

That's a scary and potentially dangerous situation for anybody.  It's unfortunate that we can't even be sociable with people anymore, but too many weirdos ruin it for just about everybody.

I know on my dog's collar, I do not have my name on it anymore.  I stopped doing that quite a while ago.  Mostly for protection for my Mrs.  Now, I only have her first name and my phone number.  Yes, some unwanted creep could find out where I live, but I guess I'll take my chances on that to get my pet home safely if she happens to run away.

Yet another thing to worry about in this world.  At least now you know.

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