Amici Pizza Company is coming to Bismarck.  Amici mean "Friends" in Italian and that's what this pizza place is all about.  3 Bismarck friends got together and decided to take their experiences with pizza across the country and bring them to Bismarck.  This will be the first Amici Pizza restaurant in the country and maybe not the last.  The owners are toying with other locations across the Dakota's.

In a phone interview with one of the owners Todd Surdez, he was very excited about his new store set to open at 3001 Yorktown Drive #6.  The store will be next to Williquors in Bismarck.  Todd said what's going to set them apart from the rest,  "Amici Pizza will use fresh ingredients and lots of different styles of crusts." Their will be an emphasis on using products grown or raised right here in North Dakota.  Including flour, vegetables when available and the "Bison Meatball" will be one of their signature pizzas.  Mr. Surdez said, "They're very proud of their Dakota roots" and intend to bring that pride into their pizzas.

This will be an "up-scale" pizza restaurant and will have sit down dinning with a capacity of about 80.  The store will have take out and expects to have delivery eventually.  Amici Pizza will serve beer and wine for it's patrons as well.  Dinner service will start the 24th of June and lunch will be begin the following week on July 1st.

As a pizza lover myself I'm very interested to give Amici's a try.  I love the fact they're all about North Dakota and the "Bison Meatball" pizza sounds delicious.



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