By now you've heard of the dating trend, ghosting. If not, heck, where ya' been. It's even been added to the dictionary.

Leon Neal / Getty Images
Leon Neal / Getty Images

If you're not familiar or out of the on line dating scene, ghosting is when you met that cutie at the coffee shop, let's say at your favorite Bismarck coffee spot for s sip of java and share a bagel. Just when you think things are going in the right direction, BOOM, they delete you from all of their dating and social pages, you've been blacklist, or ghosting.

Now, there's a new on line dating scheme called bread crumbing. Here's the details. You once again have the same scenario as above, but that person does not delete you from the social pages or dating sites.  When you reach out to them, they only reply with one word or short reply like "busy" or "sick". After weeks of this, you think they lost that loving feeling, and you move on. Then all of a sudden, after weeks or months, they react to your message or your image with a smiley or heart face. You think it's on again, until, it happens all over again. It's called "bread-crumbing".

Advice, it's best to ghost them, and move on. You don't have time for it.

Your best bet it to move on again and continue your search for the love of your life, on line.

Good Luck!

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