According to KFYR-TV, Bismarck has a new kid's boutique coming to downtown Bismarck. Owner Anne Cleary is opening up Hiccups kids boutique on Febraury 13, 2020. Anne is a local enterpreneur who owns White Lace Bridal Shop and is using her skills to start this new shop. The location for Hiccups kids boutique is on main street right next to Stella's Decor in downtown Bismarck.

Anne plans to sell items from infants to kids, including toys, clothes, baby items, and some adult gifts. She has found there's a need for additional stores that sell children's items. Anne's background in early childhood education is helping her focus on developemental milestones and filling the store with innovative items.

Anne said, "They are using their cognitive mind and their creative mind and not just staring at a screen. So a lot of our toys are going to be motor skills and kind of that cognitive development."

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