According to KFYR, the space behind the Bismarck Radisson Hotel will soon be home to new apartments. The lot across the street from main street McDonald's, where in the past a lot of the tour buses parked. That lot will have a new apartment building. The address is 630 East Main Avenue. Developer David Witham says by the year 2021 they hope to have the new apartment building open.

The building will house 52 apartments and will have 30 one bedroom units, 10 two bedroom units and two three bedroom units. Each unit will have a washer/dryer, and they plan to have modern fixures and central a/c. The developer David Witham says there's a housing shortage and Bismarck will be able to compete with other cities in North Dakota when it comes to workforce growth. The project is estimated at $10 million. The apartment building have a community courtyard for residents behind the building and 11,000 sq ft for commercial stores on this property. 


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