Only in North Dakota right? 

We're currently in a High Wind Warning as I write this article.  Winds 40 miles per hour with gusts to around 60 miles per hour.  I should add you might be dodging some tumbleweeds on the way home from work again today.  They're flying into the city in record numbers and the city of Bismarck is ready to come to the rescue.  I guess you could say we are in a "Severe Tumbleweed Warning."

They are willing to come to collect these tumbleweeds from your home free of charge. 

According to an email obtained from the city of Bismarck.  High winds have brought a plethora of tumbleweeds over the last week to Bismarck.  The Public Works Department has received several calls requesting assistance in dealing with the tumbleweed clean-up.  Citizens can call the Public Works Department to request to be placed on a cleanup list for assistance from this very somewhat unusual event.  Simply call 701-355-1700 and use option 3.

City crews will then be dispatched to your home to pick up the tumbleweeds with loaders and dump trucks this Thursday and Friday, November 18th and 19th.  Winds are expected to subside late this afternoon.  The city of Bismarck asks you to wait until the wind settles down after today before placing the tumbleweeds out for collection.  Now, the tumbleweeds must be placed on the boulevard or preferably in the parking spot, in the street, in front of your home.  Keep in mind, the city of Bismarck will not go onto private property to collect these windblown weeds.

Bravo city of Bismarck for stepping up during this tumbleweed disaster. 

I'm actually blown away.  Seriously, it's pretty cool.



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