The Mandan Public Schools Foundation for Education is going to award nearly $100K in scholarships to high school seniors in Mandan, North Dakota.

According to a press release obtained from Mandan Public Schools, the Mandan Public Schools Foundation for Education has begun is 11th year of awarding scholarships to Mandan High School seniors. With two new scholarships available this year, the Foundation is preparing to award close to 60 scholarships and over $97,000 in scholarship funds, which is a 25% increase since 2020, when $77,750 in scholarship dollars were awarded. The Foundation awarded its first scholarship in 2011 and has given out 281 scholarships to 241 MHS seniors totaling $374,250 awarded.

The scholarships available to Mandan High School seniors offer opportunities for students with a vast range of backgrounds and future education interests from technology and music to nursing and education. The Mandan Public Schools Foundation for Education would like to thank the numerous donors who make these scholarships possible. For more information on scholarships available for Mandan High School seniors, please visit

The city of Mandan will get a brand new high school for Mandan in 2024.  To see a picture of what the new high school will look like click here.  It is going to be something.  The high school campus will be big enough to hold 1,400 students.

According to Wikipedia, Mandan High School is the 6th-largest school district in the state of North Dakota. Mandan High School has an 88% graduation rate.

You can also get more information by calling Lee Fleischer, Foundation President, at 701-220-8939.



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