Well as many of us watched the game this past Saturday 4/17/21 and watched South Dakota State University beat NDSU we were all a little upset to say the least. SDSU coaches were cheering so loud and were so happy they broke the glass in the press box. NDSU has been a power house for many years and it has been an interesting season to say the least. NDSU has lost two games this year and really hasn't looked like the dominant team that we've seen in the past.

NDSU made it to the playoffs and most people are happy about that. They have been a powerhouse for many years but it seems as if they are missing something this year. SDSU beat NDSU on Saturday and stopped their winning record at home. The last team to beat NDSU at home was James Madison back in 2016. That's an impressive run to make it that many years without being beaten at home.

NDSU had a lot of firsts this year. They lost their winning record at 39 games, and lost their winning record at home with 33. NDSU did make the playoffs and hopefully they will be able to make it down to Frisco Texas this year. There's many unknowns and I'm just happy that we have football to watch. NDSU always finds a way to make things happen and hopefully they will find a way to get to the championship game in Texas, or as some call it South Fargo.


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