What's going to happen to the FCS football season? NDSU stated last week that they will not be playing any games this fall. NDSU will look at playing the spring of 2021. A lot of NDSU Bison fans really hoped that the Missouri Valley Football Conference would have football this fall.

There are many unknowns a lot playing spring football how many games there will be and if there will be playoffs. Many people are worried if Trey Lance will play or not due to the NFL draft being right around the corner and the possibility of him getting hurt. I hope Trey Lance does play, he's a great football player and incredibly talented. For a football player to go 16 games without throwing an interception is unheard of.

NDSU front line is supposed to be really good this year and even with spring football it'll   still be nice to watch. I hope NDSU can win ten more games and tie the Oklahoma Sooners 47 game winning streak. NDSU currently has a 37-game winning streak.

NDSU was invited to the White House by President Donald Trump but they still haven't gotten the chance to go due to covid-19. A few months ago, Governor Doug Burgum was at the White House and President Trump said that he'll give them a rain check. NDSU has had a dynasty for the last nine years and this upcoming season will be interesting. I hope that none of the NDSU players sit out due to the draft but no one really knows what will happen. It will be a fun but interesting spring football season.


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