The North Dakota Football team on Saturday took a stand against racism.  According to an article on InForum, about 15 members of the North Dakota State Football team took a knee during the National Anthem.  Immediately following the anthem, the game cutaway to a promo featuring several Bison football players explaining their actions.  Here's the promo that played right after the National Anthem.

The quarterback for North Dakota State University Trey Lance shared this tweet before Saturday's game against Central Arkansas.  

The taking the knee during the National Anthem was met with strong criticism across social media on Saturday.  However, many supported the move.  One tweet I read said, "It took guts for these young men to do something like this, especially in this part of the country."  Here's a photo of some of the members of the North Dakota State University football team kneeling during the National Anthem.

I'm pretty sure next to wearing a mask, this is about as polarizing as it gets. There's no middle ground on the subject. Either your strongly in favor of the act or strongly against.  I know how I feel on the topic, how about you?



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