My wife is a fine cook, but I usually handle the cooking duties in our house...I'm just better at it and she's way better than I am when it comes to works out!  Even if you aren't the best cook, almost everyone has a go to recipe when they have to chef something up in the kitchen.  Oh how wrong I am!  It seems that Home-Ec has become one of those classes that needs to be put back in the schools.  Here's today's Survey Of The Day:

Cooking Survey

A new survey by Mazola Corn Oil reveals that 37% of people feel judged by others when they cook. Other findings:

- the average person can only prepare five meals without a recipe

- 52% of people have had a kitchen disaster

- 31% of people have trashed a meal and then had to start from scratch again

THE TOP 10 MEALS PEOPLE CAN MAKE WITHOUT A RECIPE …. According to a new survey buy mazola corn oil.

1. Eggs over easy                       49%

2. Scrambled eggs                      46%

3. Hard boiled eggs                     44%

4. Poached eggs                          44%

5. French toast                             41%

6. Soup                                         36%

7. Grilled cheese                          36%

8. Pasta                                        36%

9. Rice                                          36%

10. Salad                                     36%

Protesters Put Pressure On Fast Food Restaurants To Not Use Meat With Inappropriate Antibiotics
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I'm surprised that boiling water didn't make the list.  It seems that eggs are most peoples go to, so I thought I'd throw this tidbit for you to try:

Eggs Benny With Blue Sauce: The Daily Mail claims Australia's Mecca Market & Cafe is serving an eggs benedict with a blue Hollandaise sauce. The bright blue sauce gets its color from blueberries. Some say it looks like blue laundry detergent. Last year, the cafe had a pink Hollandaise sauce that was made with beetroot.

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