Long-distance running is a demanding, individual sport - although when you are in high school or college, by running as fast as you can, you can help score points for a cross country or track team. However, when you are done with school, the competitive ones switch to the 26.2-mile race - that's a MARATHON. This is when solitude and real discipline kicks in. You can find out a lot about yourself when you set personal goals, train your rear-end off, and achieve them. Not everyone who laces up their Nike's is trying to win, the real accomplishment is to just FINISH. The mecca of all marathons - The Boston Marathon, considered the most famous race in the world. There is a reason for that label. You have to qualify to be able to enter - that separates most people.

On the infamous day of April 19th, 1982, under 65-degree temperatures, a 26-year-old from Rush City Minnesota was eager, fit, and ready to run the race of his life - His name was Dick Beardsley. Boston always held their race on Patriots' Day - a huge tradition where people would come out and cheer on the runners. The sun was bright and so was the anticipation of a fast time - Alberto Salazar was one of the runners hoping to claim a victory. It's extremely rare when a race of that distance comes down to a finishing kick - but that's exactly what happened on this day. Check out what the nytimes reported - and sit back and enjoy the "Duel In The Sun" video which captures the dramatic finish and gives you just a glimpse of the drama that unfolded 29 years ago.



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