Let me ask you a quick question - what is your favorite type of movie to watch?

My answer without a doubt is sports movies, especially the ones that are based on true stories, Well I wouldn't be surprised one bit if what happened just this past weekend in Minnesota won't be scooped up soon by some Hollywood producer, the reason why is because WE can all relate to miracles happening. I can't tell you how many times as a kid I dreamed of catching the winning touchdown or hitting a grand slam with two outs in the ninth to win the final game of the World Series. This 3A High School football team had their youthful dreams fulfilled on the game's final play.

The Minnesota Miracle ( Part Two* ) at US Bank Stadium

First of all, it's downright magical when you can play a football game on the same field as the Minnesota Vikings do - US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota - so that feeling was definitely in the air between the two teams - New London-Spice and Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton. The winner of this game would be State Champions. So let's set the stage - The Wildcats trailing 26-21 with 4 seconds left. Here is where every kid in America has practiced this - on the field, and especially in their sleep - the Hail Mary throw. According to foxnews.com "... quarterback Blake Schultz needed a miracle from their opponent’s 48-yard line. Schultz wasn’t under any pressure when he cocked back and fired the football 34 yards to Grant Paffrath, who was met by defenders from Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton..."

WELL, what happened????

Let's watch together:


Remember the FIRST Minnesota Miracle? Vikings sure do - back in 2017. Click HERE to see it.

Just a final note, to tell you how incredible that play was last Saturday, Sports Center ESPN featured it on one of their Top 10 plays of the day. Maybe one day in the future we will see this play out again in a movie.


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