All the suspense, all the drama, and all the surprises are coming back to Bismarck

This has become quite the favorite in Bismarck and Mandan, and here is why - "Theatre of the mind" - To me that is what podcasts are all about. Jonah Lantto & Dawn Palumbo team up to bring you episodes of murder and true crime. For those of you that are unfamiliar with podcasts, they have become quite popular with an audience of all ages, topics are endless. Whatever the format is, the beautiful thing is that many of these podcasts are free, you can listen to them through the convenience of your computer and even on your phone, and NOW you can watch the participants IN PERSON.

By popular demand 'Midwest Murder' will be touring through South Dakota, Minot, Williston, Fargo, and here in Bismarck

The 'Midwest Murder' Spring/Summer dates have been set. If you have never had the chance to experience this yourself, you NEED to. You can actually watch Jonah Lantto & Dawn Palumbo - these two have a passion to deliver mayhem, murder, drama, and suspense right in front of your own eyes. Many of the crime stories come from real events that you may recognize from the news. According to "This show will not shy away from the morbid details of these horrific events and the often ugly truths behind them. What you will hear is a detailed timeline of events, perspectives from those closely involved, and analysis by experts"

Check out their schedule and make SURE you plan on watching one of their shows

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