Michael Ray has released his latest single, and it's a slow and thoughtful track about healing from a broken heart and finding love again. Click play below to listen to Ray's new song "Get to You."

The first single from his sophomore album, "Get to You" is a change of pace for Ray, whose past singles have been more like up-tempo party anthems. This new track takes a decidedly more introspective approach, encouraging the woman he cares about to let down her walls and let love in.

Written by Abe Stoklasa and Pavel Dovgalyuk, "Get to You" is an emotional ballad with powerful lyrics and a catchy chorus made even stronger by polished instrumentation and Ray's stellar vocals.

“Why do you run away, run away from love / What the hell are you so scared of / You walk away when you’ve had enough of trying, of trying," Ray sings in the chorus. "Girl there’s always gonna be some pain / A little sunshine a little rain / It doesn’t mean it ain’t worth it / I’m trying, I’m trying to get to you."

As with most romantic country ballads, the theme of "Get to You" is found in Ray trying to win over a girl, but the song turns that farmilar trope on its head in the second part of the song. Of course, Ray wants her to open her heart to love, but he'll be happy for her even if it's not with him. It's a familiar sentiment for the country singer, who says everyone has likely had an experience that changes the way they love other people.

“We all in our lives have had something change us, and whether you know what it is or not, a lot of times that’s what stops you from giving your all to another person,” Ray tells Country 106.5 WYRK. “You’ve got a little bit of a wall built. You’ve got something that’s stopping you from loving wholeheartedly.”

"Get to You" is the the lead single off Ray's second album, which will be released later this year. It's the fourth overall single for the 29-year-old singer, who already has two No. 1 songs under his belt, including his debut single "Kiss You In the Morning" and 2016's "Think a Little Less." Earlier this year, Ray wrapped up his 2016 / 2017 Think A Little Less Tour and last weekend (June 10) he debuted "Get to You" live for the crowd at Taste of Country Buffalo in Buffalo, N.Y.

Listen to Michael Ray's "Get to You"

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