Well, as we enjoy the first day of March in Bismarck Mandan with very nice temperatures and nothing but 50's and 60's in the forecast, you get the feeling that winter is officially behind us.

One of my biggest barometers when it comes to spring is the extra daylight we get each day.  Sunset will happen at 6:29pm this evening in Bismarck Mandan.  The next time we'll see a sunset before 6pm will be November 7th when we turn the clocks back.  More daylight, means more fun.  More evening walks with your significant other and your beloved pet.  Time for after work BBQ's, watching ball games, sand volleyball, after work pontoon rides on the river and of course I'll find some time to do some fishing on the Mighty Missouri.  After all, somebody has to break that state Walleye record right?

The only thing that is a bummer about Spring, which by the way officially  happens on Saturday, March 20th, is losing an hour of sleep which is coming up quickly.  We turn the clocks forward on March 14th.  Other than that, spring is magical.  So much to look forward to.  Even more optimism, compared to where we were one year ago today.  The world was starting to shut down, COVID-19 reared it ugly head and all the uncertainty that went with it.

Thankfully, that is improving everyday as we speak.  No, we're not officially out of the woods yet, but you can feel a sense of optimism, that we sure didn't have a year ago.

So enjoy that extra sunlight and make the most of it this month.  Who ready to fire up the grill???

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