The City of Mandan plans to continue construction on the 19th St SW trail in 2023. The initial phase (Phase I) of constructing the trail was from Fort Lincoln Elementary School to Macedonia Avenue. According the, this second phase will extend the trail West to Highway 6.

The Goal

According to the source, the goal of the project is to provide a safe route for residents in the area. Before the completion of phase I of the project, there wasn't a sidewalk for children attending Fort Lincoln Elementary to walk, and bike.

Safety concerns led to the construction project.


In October of last year (2022) a bid of 1.49 million dollar was placed on the project. With the North Dakota Department of Transportation's recent increased cap of its transportation alternatives project, funding for the 19th St trail is now available for the project.

The cap went from $290,000 to cover 80 percent of construction costs. This made it to where NDDOT will contribute $1.2 million. All this, according to the City of Mandan.

A Sigh Of Relief

Soon, children attending Fort Lincoln Elementary will have an easier way to get back and forth to school, and parents will rest easy, knowing they are not in the street, and instead, on a trail/walking path.

An exact date as to when phase II will begin has not been designated, but the source indicated that it will likely be later in the year (2023).

Where Else?

Are there any other areas in Bismarck or Mandan that you think could benefit from something like this?


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