MAGA or the Make America Great Again boat parade will happen this Saturday in Bismarck.  According to an event page on facebook the boat parade will begin at Fox Island boat ramp in Bismarck at 12 noon on Saturday, August 22nd.

Very few details are known about this event, but over 1000 people have responded to this event on facebook.  People that are interested in attending, but do not have a boat are encouraged to show support by watching from the Memorial Bridge.

These Make America Great Again boat parades have been going on for months now across the United States.  Board parades are certainly popular these days in an era of coronavirus and social distancing.  The Democratic Convention of course kicked off last night.  Trump supporters however have taken to the streets and waters to show their support ahead of the 2020 presidential election.  It's no doubt that President Trump's campaign rallies were very popular.  COVID-19 has limited his ability to reach big crowds.  These boat parades are filling the void.

According to an article on Delaware online, parades have happened recently in Florida,  (Clearwater, Florida was trying to break a world record for the largest.) Chicago, South Carolina, and Delaware.  What's interesting about the Delaware parade, this is Joe Biden's home state.  A Republican candidate has not won Delaware since George Bush did it back in 1988.  However, in the article they suggest Delaware's 3 electoral votes might be in play this year.  Donald Trump seems to be very popular in the state right now, with Trump signs and flags displayed throughout the state.

I would expect a loud and robust crowd for the Bismarck's Make America Great Again boat parade this Saturday.  Should be interesting to see.

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