Log cabin living is all the rage right now across the country.  One of my favorite TV shows is "Log Cabin Living" on GAC.  It's where a couple chooses between 3 or 4 log cabins to buy.  We have some really nice log cabins around Bismarck.  There's two real nice ones south of Lincoln where I live, and another nice one near Apple Creek, that was recently for sale.

So I went searching for log cabins for sale in North Dakota, and I was unable to find many for sale.  In fact, I only found one, and it wasn't really worthy of showcasing.  So, instead I decided to show you the next best thing.  A "log sided" cabin.  It's also on a lake, so double bonus.  This is truly a home that's got the best of both worlds.  A log cabin feel, and a modern look as well.  I have a little log sided lake home myself and my family loves it.  Log sided or log cabins are certainly more up keep, but they're worth in my opinion.

This cabin is located on beautiful Lake Metigoshe near Bottineau, North Dakota.  The address is 151 Green Acres Road, Bottineau, ND 58318  (I featured another lake home on this lake recently.)  According to zillow This cabin was built in 2015 and features 7 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, a finished basement, detached garage, and it's on the water.  4700 square feet of goodness.  Property taxes are pretty reasonable in my opinion.  Looks like they'll run you between $3800 to $4,000 dollars a year.  So how much is this little slice of heaven going to set you back?  $899,000.  You can expect your mortgage payment to be around $4,500.  Yep, that's where you lost me.  It's still fun to dream right?

Log Sided Cabin Living In ND

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