Weather announcements have been fueling for days leading up to "Today" December, 13th, 2022. These warnings are being noticed across the nation and further. So much so, that even the YouTube celebrity Frankie MacDonald has taken notice and released his own reports. Frankie is known for his quick, fast-paced dialect and takes on reporting about extreme weather conditions. During the winter months, the comedian keeps a close eye out for Blizzards and Winter Storms to report upon. Then in the summer, Frankie MacDonald zeroes in on Hurricanes and Typhoon Weather Reports.


This hilarious comedian is from Sydney Nova Scotia. Frankie MacDonald, who has autism, is an amateur weatherman who dreamed as a child of being a weatherman. Frankie has become a sensation on YouTube as he records his own boisterous weather reports via his YouTube channel, under the handle "dogsandwolves" or "@dogsandwolves". If you're wondering "how popular" is Frankie MacDonald; he has over 281,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 91,000 followers on Facebook. His videos have garnered just shy of 48 million views over the last 10+ years.


Over the last couple of days, Frankie MacDonald has published two reports for the Dakotas. AND this is not the first time that Frankie has had our backs here in North and South Dakota. He has been having "our backs" for a few years now. Frankie's trademark way of delivering severe weather announcements has become so popular that we were noticing fellow NoDak's late last week posting to grab the Canadian's attention in hopes of a "Weather Report From Frankie MacDonald". WATCH here as Frankie Delivers the "LATEST" for North Dakota, and continue on as we grab South Dakota's report too.

Watch here the South Dakota report for December 13, 2022.

If you are becoming a fan, as many across the country have. Here is a fun "Flashback" to earlier in April when North Dakota seemed to have frozen in place.

Stay warm, stay safe, and make the best out of Winter 2022-2023.

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