I am proud to say this man is my ex-roommate...

I came across Matt Sorum almost ten years ago. I had just moved to Fargo, North Dakota, and at first, I rented a tiny little room from a HUGE NDSU Bison fan ( the colors of green and yellow were all over this two-bedroom apartment )  My cat and I had to eventually land another place to live, and that is when I met Matt. I came to notice almost every day his beautiful Canon camera lying there on the counter, waiting for action - and thankfully for all of us, a gifted photographer was poised and ready.

Mandan Matt...

This hometown Mandan Man has been taking pictures for around 8 years. He is a true artist and has the patience to get dug into a snow bank and wait 8 hours for that perfect shot. Some of his favorite places - Western Minnesota, Yellowstone. Matt is grateful for all the people who follow his love, and his gift. I asked him what is his favorite part of taking pictures - "Sharing them with others..."  Here is the thing that stands out the most to me, you can close your eyes the second after you see his breathtaking work, and almost feel the wind in your face, or hear the sounds of a thundering moose rumbling by.

Matt is allowing us all a unique look into sights WE will probably never get the chance to see up close -

And now I stand back in the shadows and let YOU see a TRUE GENIUS! Thanks again, Matt Sorum!



Stunning Wildlife Phots From A North Dakota Photographer

Gallery Credit: Bromo

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