According to the Bismarck Tribune, Mandan Mayor Tim Helbling can't compare anything he's expirienced in his lifetime as to what happened last April 1, 2019. Four people from RJR Maintence and Management were fatally shot and stabbed including Bill (50) and Lois Cobb (45), owner Robert Fakler (52), and Adam Fuehrer (42).

This shocked the whole Bismarck Mandan area and was very tragic for the community. Many unknowns and still many questions are left unanswered. The suspect is Washburn chiropractor Chad Trolon Isaak (45). He was arrested three days after the incident and charged with four counts of murder. He waived his May preliminary hearing and plead not guilty.

He is held at the Burleigh Morton Detention center on a $1 million cash bond and is scheduled for a jury trial in the beginning of November. His attorneys will argue to suppress certain evidence and change of venue on May 4, 2020.

Police gathered items at the crime scene of RJR's office in Mandan and at Chad Isaak's home and business in Washburn, North Dakota. Court records say investigators found suspected evidence in Isaak's home which includes clothing, parts of a handgun, a knife, used shell casings, other items, and an odor of bleach.

The only known connection between Isaak and RJR is that he lived in a trailer park RJR managed. Police went through bank records, surveillance footage, facebook and phone data.

In honor of the victims, the company will have a day of silence on social media on April 1, 2020 and will also award two scholarships to local students at a later date. Any student that is planning on attending college is eligible, and RJR will look to the community for nominations. The one scholarship is $250 and the other is $500 and can be used by any recipients for any college expenses.

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