I was coming home from the lake and my fourth of July festivities, when I witnessed something I've always wondered about.

A dog riding in the back of a truck bed unrestrained on the interstate going 80 miles per hour.  There's no way that could legal right?  One quick tap on the breaks and that dog is flying on to the interstate and is dead meat.

I followed behind this truck for several miles, where I finally couldn't take it anymore.  I didn't want this dog flying through my windshield at 80 miles per hour, so I passed the truck.  As I went by the driver, I couldn't help but give him a WTF look as I showed him how you should be traveling with your dog.  Mine were secured in their pet containers in the bed of my truck bed.

This isn't the first time I've witnessed something like this and I'm sure you have too, but is it legal?  According to Michigan State University and their Animal Center, only a few states have laws concerning transporting a pet in a pick-up bed unrestrained.

Unfortunately, North Dakota ISN'T one of them! 

A total of only 6 states have laws against letting your pet travel in the back of a pick-up truck bed unrestrained.  The laws read something like this in Connecticut.  "No person operating a pick-up truck, as defined in section 14-1, on a public highway of this state shall transport a dog in the open rearward compartment of the pick-up truck unless the dog is secured in a cage or other container or otherwise protected or secured in such a manner as to prevent the dog from being thrown or falling or jumping from the pick-up truck."

ALL states should have a law like Connecticut in my opinion.

With all the stupid bills introduced into the legislature every couple of years, how does this not make it to the Capital?

I sure hope you're not one of those people who do this with your dog.  Not only is it bad for your dog, but it could cause another vehicle to have an accident trying to swerve quickly to avoid your pup flying into the highway.  Spend the 50 bucks for a pet container and be safe.


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