I had a guess but I was wrong

What would you say? Of all the cities in North Dakota, which one is the most expensive to live in? When I ask you that, I'll bet you wonder what that is based on right? I mean sometimes it doesn't matter where you live, prices in stores and definitely at the gas pumps seem to be going up all the time, expenses seem to come from everywhere don't they? Would you also immediately think that THE most expensive city in North Dakota has got to be one of, if not THE largest city in the state - like Fargo? Not a bad guess considering they are almost double the size of Bismarck ( population wise ). Well WHY-NOT MINOT? 

I would have never picked Minot

I lived there for about 4 and half years and it didn't seem too expensive, but according to kfyrtv.com a bill pay service named Doxo answers anyone that may have said "Why-Not Minot?" as being correct. " The average Minot household pays $2,515 a month for bills, including utilities, auto loans, and cable bills.According to the company’s research, average household expenses in Minot are 25.6% higher than the national average of $2,003, and 29.8% higher than the state average of $1,937"  So do you take much stock into this research? I certainly wouldn't avoid Minot if you had an opportunity to move there, like I said before, what seems to hit home the hardest are filling up your tank and prices at your local stores, doesn't matter one bit if Minot is lacking a variety of restaurants or businesses like say Bismarck has. I'm just grateful that living here in North Dakota is WAY cheaper than where I'm from, San Diego, California.

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