By now, you should completed your preparations or at least wrapping up your preparations for the Christmas day blizzard.


According to the National Weather Service in Bismarck, here is what you can expect as the storms moves through the area.

  • Dangerous if not impossible to travel. Your travel plans should be complete before Christmas morning. Once the snow starts to fall, the amounts can be heavy in most areas, with some areas receiving up to 18 inches of snow.
  • Very strong gusty winds causing snow drifts and white out conditions making travel impossible. Travel is not encouraged, and only in emergency situations should you attempt travel. If you must, make sure you have your emergency winter survival kit in your car and be sure you have someone knowing your route and estimated time of arrival to your destination.
  • Very heavy snow with snow fall amounts at about 1 inch an hour, with accumulations of 6-12 inches and some area in Central North Dakota could experience accumulations up to 18 inches of snow.
  • The difference between this blizzard and the blizzard of 2 weeks ago, this will be a fast moving system, where the last blizzard lasted for 3 days.

Stay with Townsquare Media for continuous updates before, during and after the blizzard.