Do you like magic? You may have seen the Jay Owenhouse magic show. The show is based out of Bozeman, Montana and Jay Owenhouse has been to the Belle Mehus Auditorium a couple times in the last few years.

The show features a lot of great acts with some really cool escapes. My personal favorite is when Jay Owenhouse is upside down and escapes out of a strait jacket and jumps down before the jaws get him. The show is great and I'd recommend anyone that has a chance to see his show to go and watch it. 

The show just recently got approved to be on the Strip in Las Vegas, Nevada. The show will be under a tent and will be a great one to go see. If you go to Las Vegas in the next few months this is a show you're going to want to go and see. 

The Owenhouse show has his family involved in the show which includes; John Owenhouse, Peter Owenhouse, Juliana Owenhouse, and Christina Owenhouse. They also feature tigers as part of their show. This is a great show to see and will be awesome to see it on the Strip in Las Vegas, Nevada.

I've seen the show twice and it is a really great show. If I get to Las Vegas in the near future I definitely will be going. Jay Owenhouse isn't just an illusionist he's an entertainer also. Will you be going to Jay Owenhouse's show in Las Vegas, Nevada? 

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