First of all, I would totally hate this.  Imagine being at your favorite local teams big game, the players come on the ice, field or court and the game just begins?  No more National Anthem before the Bismarck High Demons and Bismarck Century Patriots face off in a high school hockey game.  No Anthem when the Bismarck Governors play the Mandan Chiefs at Municipal Field in American Legion baseball.  No more National Anthem at basketball games, volleyball, football, you name it.  Sound far fetched?  Not really.

Apparently the Dallas Mavericks in the National Basketball Association have been doing this for awhile and nobody seemed to notice it.  According to a story on ESPN, Dallas Maverick owner Mark Cubin confirmed this to ESPN, and they do not plan to resume the National Anthem.  Cubin declined to comment on the situation, but it's believed the National Anthem has not played before any Maverick games this season, both in the pre and regular season.

It's obvious why Dallas has moved in this direction.  They would rather avoid a situation that could potentially cause a controversy.  Forget about the whole "patriotic" moment, they care more about being "politically correct."  This is truly sad in my opinion.  No matter what side of the "taking a knee" debate you are on.  To me, there is nothing more proud, than standing at that blueline or sideline and staring up at that flag, remembering why were able to do what we love, because of the sacrifices made by so many before us.

I truly hope this never trickles down to the local level here in Bismarck Mandan.  It will be a sad day indeed.


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