Dating is so different now. There was a time when it was "hush-hush" if you dated or even met someone on line. But now, it's out there and people are not embarrassed about on line dating or meeting someone on social media. But how safe is it?

High Speed Internet recently teamed up with Safewise to develop the list of the safest and least safest states for on line dating. The organizations reviewed several statistics on every state's most violent crime and cyber crime. Then they even dug deeper and looked at the states statistics on persons with gonorrhea and chlamydia. Then they compared all of this data to the states population. The groups came up with this list.

On line dating services are safest in-

  1. Vermont
  2. Maine
  3. New Hampshire
  4. Idaho
  5. Utah

The least safest states are Arkansas, Louisiana, Alaska, New Mexico and Nevada.

North Dakota ranked #17, as the 17th safest state for on line dating.

High Speed Internet
High Speed Internet

Tender and Grindr on my friend.

Using dating apps are no longer taboo and is mainstream now. Seems like everyone is doing in using the on line dating services.



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