Waking up this morning to another great tradition: Turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie, and football

That's what we have grown up with our whole lives. I had the roads all to myself this morning here in Bismarck/Mandan as I drove to work for a bit. I could already smell the food cooking in my apartment building, as no doubt some people were preparing for a gigantic feast as relatives started rolling in. Today is a time to pause for a bit, enjoy each other's company, and be grateful for all the wonderful things we have. Today should not be for bickering and dissecting our National Anthem.

First question, why do the Detroit Lions seem to play on Thanksgiving day?

Sorry all you Lions fans, but WHY? Especially this year, ZZZzzzzzzz.

Should the National Anthem be sung as is? Do you agree or disagree when an artist or group performs it in their own artistic way?

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Singer NE-YO doing the National Anthem his way

I stopped by a friend's house in Mandan this afternoon, his house was alive with the holiday tradition. Everyone was relaxing, sitting around munching on appetizers when the football game between the Chicago Bears and the Detroit Lions came on. The conversation in the room came to a halt when the National Anthem started. There was quite a mixed reaction. All around the country too. According to thespun.com "Ne-Yo took center stage for the national anthem. He gave a Motown-inspired rendition of the anthem that had fans out of their seats giving him a standing ovation"

Several people said within minutes that the National Anthem should be sung traditionally

Some people right away make it clear that they don't like the song to be messed with in any way form. I was neutral, it didn't bother me. Our country is all about freedom, should an artist or group be free to express their style in the song and "make it their own"? What do you think?

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