Blustery conditions with a wintry mix could cause travel problems for some over the Christmas holiday.

A Colorado Low has its sights set on our region but it looks like the brunt of this system will only graze parts of North Dakota.

Here in Bismarck Mandan, it looks like only a glancing blow at best or we may see nothing at all.  In fact, if you have travel plans for the Christmas holiday if you're traveling north, south, or west you will likely not run into any travel issues.

According to the National Weather Service in Bismarck, we have a 30% of a wintry mix on Saturday evening and a 30% chance of snow on Christmas Eve.  Accumulations look to be light—an inch or two at the most.  Depending on the timing, this could cause some slippery roads with blustery conditions.

The majority of the holiday travel headaches for North Dakota look to be in eastern North Dakota and the Red River Valley.

If you have travel plans to Fargo, Wahpeton, and Grand Forks Saturday evening through Christmas Eve and Christmas Day could bring some impactful weather with rain, freezing rain, snow, wind, and icy conditions.

The brunt of this Colorado Low system looks to impact, South Dakota & Minnesota.

If you have holiday travel plans to eastern North Dakota, Minnesota, or South Dakota you should be aware of this potential system and plan accordingly.  You might want to consider leaving a little early for your holiday travel earlier in the day on Saturday.

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