Well I can tell you right now how awesome this summer is going to be, especially from June 10-12 here in Mandan

So if you found yourself growing up watching the hit television show "Dukes Of Hazard", you will definitely want to know the answer to the question I asked in the title of this article. The buzz around Mandan is the excitement building for this summer at the Dacotah Speedway, a crowd favorite. With the anticipation of actual warmer weather and long summer nights, actor John Schneider will be here along with his band 'The Stars N’ Bars Band' and he'll be center stage for three days in June, and check this out another major superstar will roll into town as well.

Imagine yourself cruising around Mandan in this baby

Probably the real star of "Dukes Of Hazard" was General Lee. When the two troublemakers ( Bo and his brother Luke ) were sitting pretty in the #01 revved-up Dodge Charger ripping around Hazzard County trying to outrun Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane, our fantasy was to be in that same awesome vehicle. Now you actually can experience that! That's right, one of the features of having the good old boy John Schneider here is that his sidekick ( General Lee ) will be giving rides to the public.

Buggies-and-Blues takes place June 12th - on Main Street In Mandan

According to kxnet.com "Dacotah Speedway is offering an opportunity to meet TV star John Schneider this summer on June 10-12. Best known for playing Bo Duke in the Dukes of Hazzard, Schneider will be racing amongst local drivers on Friday, June 10 at Dacotah Speedway" You can also meet John at Buggies-and-Blues.

No word yet if Daisy herself will be here :(

Take a look at a classic General Lee highlight:

Classic Dukes Of Hazzard Clip YouTube


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