If you and your family were planning on jumping in the car, and attending "The Great Minnesota Get Together" (Minnesota State Fair) in Falcon Heights, Minnesota, here are the latest guidelines.  There has been plenty of rumors and speculation on social media, that you may have to show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test to attend.

As the COVID-19 positivity rate continues to climb in the state, that would of been a safe assumption.  Especially as clubs, concert venues & event promoters continue to adopt this policy.  You are seeing this being required in clubs like First Avenue in Minneapolis (Implementing a negative test or vaccination proof).

In somewhat of a surprise decision in my opinion, you will NOT have to be vaccinated or show a negative COVID-19 test to attend this years Minnesota State Fair.  According to the Minnesota State Fair website, they're asking you to get vaccinated and "do the right thing", but not requiring you to do so.  You are also not mandated to wear a mask.  Again, something I'm very surprised of.  However, they strongly encourage you to do so.  The Minnesota State Fair acknowledges this event is mostly an outdoor event with lots of eating and drinking.  Enforcing a mask mandate would be very difficult to do so.

This years Minnesota State Fair will run from Thursday, August 26th to Labor Day, September 6th.  Please be advised, if you take a bus or transit system to the Minnesota State Fair, Federal Law requires you wear a mask waiting in line or on the bus.




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